GEMLR Global Emergency Medicine Podcast Series

Happy New Year to all! GEMLR (Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review) has just released its fourth podcast from the monthly Global Emergency Medicine Podcast series! Click on this link to listen in on the ongoing discussion about the best Global EM research of today. Podcast 4: Pulse oximetry with clinical assessment to screen for congenital heart disease in neonates in China, by Zhao et. al from Lancet. Discussion led by Dr. Bhakti Hansoti, senior editor with GEMLR and President of the Global Emergency Medicine Academy at SAEM.

2013 Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review

The top Global EM Articles of 2012 have been posted online and can be accessed at:

This is a great resource for your fellows and residents, and can be used as discussion topics for IEM Journal Clubs at your institution or as required/recommended reading for your fellows. Our 2012 Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review, which discusses in detail the methodology for picking these articles and the larger context behind them can be downloaded from the AEM website or at: