Report from the 7th Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress

by Scott Weiner, MD, MPH

The 7th Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress was convened from September 8-11th in Marseille, France. This conference, which is held every two years, is a collaboration between the European Society for Emergency Medicine, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and the specialty society for the host country – in this case, the Societe Francaise Medecine d’Urgence.


President's Message

by Scott G. Weiner, MD, MPH

Typhoid fever, rabies, malaria, tuberculosis…

I was rapidly trying to brush up on my infectious and tropical diseases. When was the last time I saw malaria in Boston? Training and working in the Northeast for so many years has definitely skewed my clinical ability. Snow blower hand injuries and frostbite? No problem! But I was heading to Haiti, and my skillset would need to change. With a little courage and my copy of EMRA’s International Emergency Medicine handbook (highly recommended, by the way!), I made my way to the airport.

From the Editor

by Vicken Totten, MD

GEMA is gaining in prestige. At the 2012 Annual Meeting, the SAEM Board of Directors appointed Dr. Joe Lex to chair a Task Force on SAEM’s role internationally. That task force met several times, and found that GEMA was both already doing most of the activities that the Board of Directors had requested and the natural fit to enact the goals of the Task Force. The tasks of the Committee were rolled into GEMA.

The Global Emergency Medicine Curriculum Project

As envisioned by Dr. Joe Lex

In 2012-13, Joe Lex chaired the SAEM International Emergency Medicine Task Force. One of the goals delineated by this Task Force was to create a true, open-access resource for EM curriculum that anyone in the world can access for free. Dr. Lex is a strong proponent of Free, On-line Open-Access Emergency Medicine Education, often shorted as “FOAMed”. He suggested that as we develop resources, they should be available at several levels, and housed on a freely available website to foster emergency medicine around the world.

Why Publish? Thoughts from SAEM

by Robert Grover, MD

At the SAEM conference in Atlanta in May, Dr. Mark Hauswald spoke about the reasons to publish. He described the unique challenges of pursuing an academic career in medicine. He discussed the reasoning, and even the critical need, for academicians to publish. As an aspiring academic emergency physician, I found it informative and yet perplexing.

Report from the 10th Annual New York Symposium on International Emergency Medicine

by Scott Weiner, MD, MPH

This August, I was fortunate to again be able to attend the Annual New York Symposium on International Emergency Medicine. I have attended the past several iterations of this conference and am pleased to report that each year it gets better and better. Not only is it convened in one of the world’s most dynamic and interesting cities that buzzes with excitement in the height of summer, but the conference venue (the New York Library of Medicine) is simply a beautiful venue.


Pursuing Emergency Medicine Residency Training in Germany as a US IMG

by Robert Grover MD

I, like many US IMGs, have every intention and desire of returning to the US for residency training and eventual practice. Emergency Medicine, my interest, is the most exciting field, and also, one of the most competitive. Having worked overseas in the past, the idea of working (and traveling) for a few weeks a year, maybe as a locum tenens type of arrangement has interested me. The world class, rigorous training of ACGME approved residencies is the world's most widely accepted.