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It's a tendency that'sput in him in tough spots all MU Legend Zen year, and Hawaii was able to take advantage of it by forcing him into seven turnovers.Brown is too willing to force the action right now and he's too deliberate with the ball once he gets going.

Like many young wing players, his ball handling needs a lot of refinement.Hawaii was well aware he couldn't do much if it loaded up its defense and denied the straight line drive to the rim. It made Brown look like a man without a plan whenever he was unable to get deep into the paint.

Brown hasn't figured out how to be effective off the ball, either. He ended the season 30-for-102 from three-point range, good for 29.4 percent. There have been many times this year whenhe's hesitant to shoot even when he's wide open. That's from the shorter college three-point line, too -- in the

NBA, those shots he's badly missing are merely long two-pointers.Marcus Smart, Gordon Hayward and Tyreke Evans were theonly players drafted in the top 10 recently with comparable three-point percentages. Smart and Evans were far superior at creating with the ball in their hands, while Hayward has grown into a solid ball handler and a 36 percent shooter over his NBA career.

Hayward might be the model for Brown to follow at the next level.It's easy to see how Brown shot up recruiting rankings on the AAU circuit, where the game is usually going up-and-down and there often aren't reliable shooting stats kept. His year in college has revealed he still has a long way to go in his development, but that's OK. There aren't many players who finished products at age 19.It's not often you find a wing as big, as strong and as fast as Jaylen Brown, and that's why he'sprojected as the No. 3 pick by DraftExpress.

He offers plenty of versatility, conceivably able to path of exile currency defend either wing spot and blessed with enough length to slide up to the four. Sliding up a position to power forward might be his best bet early in his career, because that's where his athleticism will have its greatest advantage.