The best news for Brown is NBA Live Mobile Coins

The best news for Brown is that won't be in a NBA Live Mobile Coins situation where he's asked to carry an NBA team right away. He has the physical attributes that could make him a great role player early in his career. Unfortunately, when a young wing player is anointed a blue chip recruit, he typically tries to become the next Kobe Bryant instead of finding a niche and building up from there, like Kawhi Leonard.

If Brown dedicates himself to becoming a defensive stopper and improving as a shooter, he should have a fine NBA career. Just don't put too much on his plate at first. As Cal saw, he isn't ready for that yet.NCAA Tournament 2016: Best and worst of everything from Day 1 -

After a historically unpredictable regular season and one the most memorable opening days in tournament history coming a year ago, it's not a stretch to say that more pressure than ever was on the first Thursday of the Big Dance to produce a quality product.It's become nearly a yearly occurrence that if a No. 15 seed doesn't beat a 2 within the first four hours of the tournament, the sports world immediately starts in with the "I thought it was supposed to be.

'March Madness'" talk. While there may not have been a halfcourt buzzer-beater or a Ron Hunter falling out of his chair moment, for the most part, the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins first day delivered.Day one of the.

NCAA Tournament is always better than just about every other day on the sports calendar, and the 2016 edition was no different. Over the course of about 12 hours we saw double-digit seeds advance, a couple of real high quality finishes, one of the best postgame interview moments in recent history and all the other highlights and lowlights you'd expect from March Madness.Here's everything you need to know about what went down on Thursday. 5 BEST GAMES FROM DAY ONE1. (12)